I am putting the final touches to the website to get it ready for the transition to this being the main Dorset Sex advertising site.

We are being weaken search wise and member wise by being split between the 2 sites and as this one has been going long enough to know it will be reliable…its time to take the plunge!!


This is going to be a very exciting chapter for our website!

Some people were worrying that we would loose the traffic from the old site but it will come straight through to here so that’s not an issue.


Help the site gain traction by visiting it as many times a day as you can to help it climb the google rankings. Get others coming and looking…it will all help to increase our position in the search engines. Any of the advertisers that are here and using the site daily will qualify for FREE premium advertising for as long as we are going and the more popular we get…the more that has value for you. This is your free advertising…make it work for you!


In the background I will be doing lots more to it.


For any of you fellas using this site….you will already know its much easier to search and find what you want. All we need now is an app….I’ll be working on it!